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The Southington Community Theatre is the result of two successful productions produced by the Drama Group of the Southington Woman's Club.  In 1956, Goodbye My Fancy was staged at Hatton Elementary School, and Jane, was staged in 1957.

Realizing that to continue with such elaborate productions, a broader spectrum of people was needed, the idea of a community theatre was born.

Spearheaded by Mrs. Betty Price, who was the President of the Southington Woman's Club, Mrs. Eleanor Rowley, Chairman of the Drama Group, and Mrs. Yvonne Clarke, Resident Director, and many other members of the Woman's Club, the theatre group was organized with funds donated by the club.  The first 50 members were designated "charter members" and the first meeting was held in August 1957 around the pool at the home of William Ashwell, Prospect Street.

Yvonne was SCT's Resident Director for the first 10 years.  She not only directed but also taught the members all there was to know about lighting and set construction.

SCT incorporated on October 18, 1957, and its first production staged was The Tender Trap on November 21-23, 1957 at Hatton School Auditorium.

Did you know?

►SCT had the honor of being the first non-professional group to produce My Fair

►That according to a previous readers poll, SCT was voted the 3rd best place to
    see community theatre in Hartford County as stated by the Hartford Advocate?

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